Welcome to Planning Consultation

Planning Consultation provides a more effective way for developers and planners to engage with stakeholders and consult the communities surrounding a proposed development or planning application.

It enables communities and stakeholders to:

easily obtain accurate and up-to-date planning information about a proposed project, or one underway, and the issues surrounding it
register to receive the latest planning updates about that project
have your planning and other questions individually answered, andÂ
allow you to lodge comments and suggestions about the project.
PlanningConsultation supplements existing channels of planning communications, stakeholder engagement and community consultation such as exhibitions, brochures and other literature, public meetings, and face-to-face meetings.  Using the internet in this way will make it easier for a wider cross-section of the community to participate, providing the information needed for people to make a judgment on what is proposed or what is happening, and enabling them to quickly and easily give their views to those who are involved.

There are currrently five developments uploaded here  new campuses for West Herts College in Watford and Hemel Hempstead, a proposed mixed-use project in Feltham, called Lower Feltham Lakes, a village extension in Maresfield, East Sussex, and a town centre redevelopment in Malton, North Yorkshire.


New update on the Livestock Market redevelopment, Malton, North Yorkshire – public consultation exhibition

New update on Maresfield, East Sussex – results of Maresfield survey announced

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